Wild Adventures
About the Project
In 2019, Wild Adventures opened an exciting new addition to its theme park, a 3-acre expansion called Discovery Outpost. Featuring six kid-friendly rides, a Gator Bridge, and up close encounters with baby alligators and live shows – Discovery Outpost was the key highlight of the year in reiterating the benefits that Wild Adventures provides families – time together venturing through one-of-a-kind experiences.

We we’re charged with creating a campaign based around the expansion, in which we developed a multimedia approach featuring broadcast television, radio and digital content, including a short film. The campaign, deemed Live Your Wild Life, is an instruction to visit Wild Adventures, told to potential guests through the unique perspective of a tween who is living her wild life. Building on the identity of Wild Adventures, this voiceover-driven concept marries instruction with cinematic imagery, telling the story of spending a day at Wild Adventures and Discovery Outpost. The goal was to build awareness of the expansion, rekindle the excitement of past visitors and spark curiosity for potential first-time visitors as well!
Wild Adventures Themepark
Short Film, Broadcast Television, Radio
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