Moxy Hotels
About the Project
The most striking element of the way that millennials live their lives is that they don’t just consume entertainment – they are creators of content, they chase jobs where they can create content, and when they go home (or back to their hotel) they create content for relaxation and enjoyment. Whether it’s blogging or making music, more millennials are artists than any generation before them. And, when you think business travel – you think boredom, long hours, perhaps even unfriendly places where you attend a conference, with hotels that offer little respite. But -– this is Moxy and this is anything but your father’s hotel. 

Remedy Television was charged with bringing to life Moxy Hotels as a new solution for millennial business travelers, as a place that allows them to unleash their untapped capacity and be their true selves to the fullest. As part, we developed a narrative storytelling approach in this short film as an internal tool for Marriott’s Global Sales team. We follow three road warriors as they experience the Moxy, increasing their productivity by allowing them to play – and make connections -and truly changing the game in terms of business travel!
Moxy Hotels
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